Riparian Revegetation

The Sturgeon Lake Restoration Project on Sauvie Island in northwest Oregon is a massive 10-year engineering and habitat restoration effort led by West Multnomah Soil & Water Conservation District. The project is designed to reconnect the Columbia River to Sturgeon Lake and enhance the riparian buffer along Dairy Creek, the channel that connects the river to the lake. Our role in the project is to remove dense stands of indigo bush, Himalayan blackberry, and other invasives from the riparian area and establish a native plant community along a mile of Dairy Creek. Vegetation management began in summer of 2017 in which we utilized heavy machinery and over 600 man hours to mash, spray, and cut invasive species in preparation to plant over 17,000 native shrubs and trees. Planting is scheduled for winter of 2019, with two years of maintenance to follow. Additionally, we have been conducting drone flights for monitoring and educational purposes. We are excited to be a part of a large project that is working to enhance the native plant communities and reestablish hydrologic cycles of Sturgeon Lake.