Our Services


From large-scale wetland mitigation to volunteer community building projects, we help our clients design projects that succeed. Our experienced project managers work closely with our partners to make diverse and resilient ecological communities come to life by facilitating stakeholder meetings, helping set project goals, timelines and budgets, and successfully fundraising for projects. 

Design Services

  • Project Management
  • Conservation Planning
  • Grant Writing
  • Fiscal Management
  • Landowner Outreach
  • Meeting Coordination
  • Plant Procurement 



Mosaic Ecology has the resources, staff, and expertise to implement revegetation projects at scales ranging from backyard habitats to hundred acre wetlands. We train our field crews to manage vegetation safely, effectively, and efficiently using hand tools, herbicides, power tools, and machinery. 

Field Services

  • Planting and Seeding
  • Tree and Brush Clearing
  • Mowing
  • Hand Pulling
  • Herbicide Application
  • Stake Creation and Installation
  • Fabric Installation
  • Watering
  • Mulching
  • Plant Maintenance


Data Collection & Consult

All of our field crews are equipped with tablets in order to collect field data associated with specific projects. Our data technicians, trained in plant identification and the use of geospatial tools, can conduct detailed surveys and monitoring on a wide range of project types. We create customized data collection protocols to meet the needs of our clients. Our detailed data analysis, mapping, and technical reports help a wide range of clients make informed management decisions. 

Data Collection Services

  • Plant Surveys
  • Ecological Surveys
  • Project Monitoring
  • Mapping Services
  • Aerial Cinematography 
  • Orthomosaic Photography
  • NDVI Analysis
  • Technical Writing