Tualatin Watershed Restoration

South of Forest Grove lies a series of hills, forests, and wetlands that connect the interior headwaters of the Tualatin Valley to the coast range. With multiple public land management agencies involved, the area is being transformed into a wildlife corridor spanning thousands of acres. Low value agricultural fields are being converted into emergent wetlands where thousands of waterfowl now thrive. Extensive piping and tiles have been removed in order to restore local hydrology, stream channels have been daylighted after decades underground. Plantations are being thinned to create resilient forest communities. Mosaic Ecology is proud to work for a wide variety of partners to establish native plant communities throughout the area. In 2018 Mosaic Ecology planted 85,000 native shrubs and trees, and in 2019 will plant 125,000 more. In the decades to come, this area will become a thriving mosaic of farmland, forests, wetlands, and human communities. We are honored to play a part in the process.