Wetland Mitigation

Mosaic Ecology manages dozens of Wetland Mitigation sites for a wide variety of clients. Mosaic Ecology began working on this 90 acre mitigation site in 2016. To help our client meet the regulatory requirements of wetland mitigation, Mosaic Ecology controls non-native species, increases species diversity, and encourages the establishment of a diverse native scrub-shrub and emergent wetland community. In November of 2018 we installed over 26,000 one-gallon native plants in a seasonal pond complex located in the north section of the site. From unloading two semi-truck loads of plants to installation, the final planting effort took just over one month of focused, tough work. The installation of these plants will create a more diverse habitat for many native bird, amphibian and mammal species in a restored floodplain adjacent to large industrial and commercial development.