Our Mission

To sustainably integrate natural areas into the human environment. We bring degraded land to life, recreating the ecological function and structure of natural systems

About Us

Reinventing the Wild


 Mosaic Ecology LLC is a consulting and contracting firm that specializes in the design and building of ecological restoration projects in the Portland area and beyond. Mosaic Ecology provides consultation and planning, grant writing, financial management, survey, inventory and monitoring services, and on-the-ground implementation to public, private, and non-profit clients.

Our People Make the Difference


 With our diverse and well trained field staff and work crews, we manage dynamic restoration projects from concept to completion. We work in a variety of habitats in the northern Willamette Valley which include riparian areas, forests, wetlands, prairies, and aquatic environments. Whether you are interested in our services or joining our team, we would be excited to hear from you. 




From fundraising to project planning and budgeting, we work closely with our partners to turn concepts into completed projects. 

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Composed of forestry technicians, arborists, and equipment operators, our highly trained field crews manage vegetation on hundreds of acres of forest, wetland, aquatic, and prairie habitats annually. 

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Data Collection


We employ technology in the field to monitor, map, and survey project areas before, during, and after implementation to measure and improve project success.  

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